Thursday, January 7, 2016

Gallur Gallery Challenge 2 Tales - The saga of Atlantis!

Perhaps introducing the second Gallery Challenge during the holiday seasons was a mistake. Despite almost twice the number of readers as regular posts, the Challenge never attracted anyone to write a short synopsis, I suspect because most folks were busy with family and friends (and shopping) during December.

But that doesn't mean I can't add my own take on the "Master of the Seas". Check it out, right below the image it is based upon!

The war was over Atlantis had barely saved the world once again from the dangerous Ocean Witch, but at great cost to him. While the Witch was dead, his kingdom was in shambles, his people flung across the Seven Seas and his bride Luna was locked in an unwaking dream, a final curse left by his arch-foe. Only his faithful companion Octavian remains as Atlantis sets out on a quest to find a cure in the world above!
The Gallery Challenge will return in February for another go around, but until then feel free to still share your story ideas for this piece in the comments section below!

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