Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas, Claus and heroism

A few years back I conceived a simple one page concept called Doc Claus. It was a simple concept: take Santa Claus and wrap him into a classic pulp hero role. I even gave him his own group of sidekicks, The Holiday Patrol. I invited a wide variety of new pulp authors to contribute and Metahuman Press proudly released Doc Claus in December 2012.

Terry Alexander, Travis Hiltz, Greg Daniel, Robbie Lizhini and M.H. Norris outdid themselves with five stories of Doc's adventures. Wrapped in a cover by Teel James Glenn with a logo by yours truly, it remains available to this day and in my opinion, is criminally underpurchased by fans of great modern pulp fiction. So go get a copy already!

Plans are slowly forming in my head for a Volume Two of Doc's adventures, where I will finally start to carve out the Christmas tale I have always wanted to bring to life. I have loved the many distinct Santa stories of the last several hundred years and have always wanted to try and craft a narrative out of all of them. Connecting them to my personal adventure hero version of Saint Nick was a nobrainer as the real (or at least traditional) Saint Nicholas was all kinds of hardcore.

Whether I'll manage to get it written in 2016 remains to be seen, but I hope to make sure Doc returns for more great adventures in the future.

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