Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Big Top Tales is coming!

With Legends of New Pulp Fiction out to end the year, it looks like I will have another short story make its release just after the first of the year. My first contribution to a Flinch Books anthology will appear as part of Big Top Tales, an anthology put together by Jim Beard and Jim Bruening focused on adventures around a circus in the 1950s.

Cover by Joe Beranato.
I wrote the story of the Trapeze Artist, a character I did a ton of research on in early 2014. And while I wouldn't count myself as any kind of expert on the artform, I think I created quite the little murder mystery for the flying star of the show, Lulabelle Rose Jensen, all wrapped around a stop in St. Louis.

I will talk more about my contribution after the first of the year, but the book is already looking excellent. With five other stories by the talented Frank Schildiner, John McColley, Ralph L Angelo Jr, Sam Gafford and Rocko Jerome, I feel like I'm in bright company for what should be a unique addition to my catalog of work.

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