Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Melinoe takes over Walking Shadows today!

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Renato Caria.
The goddess of nightmares made her first appearance in Walking Shadows Book Two, but as Book Three got under way she was forced into a life among mortals. Today for the first time she takes center stage as one of the main cast members.

Melinoe is a fascinating figure from Roman mythology with incredibly little written about her. She appears in one text from one mysterious religion, but is the daughter of Persephone by her own father Zeus (because Greek/Roman gods are odd like that.) While her mother was cursed with damage to her flesh for the transgression of becoming pregnant, it is often Melinoe that is displayed as having half her skin corrupted or turned black, as in the amazing accompanying image by Renato Caria.

While my take on Melinoe has yet to display the visible duality of her nature, the mix of Olympus and Hades that is his birthright, she's certainly a character with light and dark sides. Her dark side was quite visible in Book Two, but how much light she shows in Book Three remains to be seen.

Check out the new chapter of Walking Shadows today for Melinoe’s solo debut.

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