Monday, September 28, 2015

Kickstart the Week 30: Ninjas!

Who doesn't love ninjas? But when it comes to the world of awesome six inch figures, the number of ninjas available is surprisingly low. Well, the folks at the toy site Fwoosh want to fix that. In order to do so, they have created their first figure in their Articulated Icons series, the Ninja.

The new series is built around an awesome basic and deluxe pair of great looking toys with tons of accessories. Even the basic figure comes with six hands, two heads and three weapons. The Deluxe figure adds two extra heads, a dozen extra weapons and an amazing base designed to look like a Japanese roof top.
I'm a huge fan of quality action figures and The Fwoosh know exactly what they're doing to make great toys for the adult collector's action figure market.

I personally ordered the Deluxe White Ninja, which just looks amazing to me. I suspect I will have tons of fun with this guy and look forward to seeing if any stretch goals unlock before the Kickstarter ends on October 7. Go lend your support today.

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