Thursday, September 17, 2015

Gallur Gallery Challenge 1 Results

Image copyright Rafael Gallur.

Last week, I shared the following picture of El Hijo Del Santo in battle and challenged the intrepid readers of this blog to write a paragraph summarizing the vents that caused this scene to occur. I had several fun and amusing responses to this challenge on social media, but sadly only one person followed the rules and posted to the site itself, one Mr. Jeff Deischer. I have read some of Jeff's fiction and he is no slouch at the writing game, so it is no surprise he gave such a great response:
The Son of the Saint, using his God-given ability to sense evil, arrives just in time to prevent the vampire lord Nocturno from killing a trespasser, the beautiful and buxom Misty Callahan, an amateur spelunker from north of the border who stumbled upon the sinister being’s lair while in search of a good cave.

Quick, simple and to the point with the action. I went a slightly different route, but you can see the crosslines in each of our tales, I suspect.
The masked criminal madman Dr. Furioso used his evil genius to kidnap students of the University of Mexico for his mad experiments in human genetic engineering. His actions do not go unnoticed as the heroic protector of the city, El Hijo Del Santo, uses his masterful detective and lucha skills to track down the mad criminal, but not before he kidnaps another young couple from the university. Isabel can only watch as her lover Marcelo is transformed by the mad doctor into a subhuman creature at the beck and call of only Furioso. Isabel tries to escape, but Marcelo is sent to catch her, only for the Son of the Saint to rush to the rescue!

If you want to get in on the next Gallery Challenge, stay tuned as we will launch another one near the end of the month.

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