Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Lightweight Character Profile 2: Millie

As the Lightweight: Beyond Kickstarter rolls on, here's the profile of our second lead in the ongoing saga. Millie anchors the Earth-based portions of the new book as she will have her own adventures and mysteries to solve. 


Real Name: Millicent Bryant

Occupation: High school Student

Marital Status: Single

Known Relatives: Jung-hee “June” (mother), Milton (father), Jeremiah (adopted brother)

Group Affiliation: none

Base of Operations: Federation

History: Millicent Bryant was a surprise. Her parents met in 1964 when Milton was a 19 year old G.I. stationed in Korea, where Jung-hee was a 17 year old enamored with soldiers. They would not marry for nearly a decade when the two met in the aftermath of the Vietnam War. Jung-hee moved to America after marrying Milton in a small Korean service. She would take the name June as they settled in to a life together.

Seemingly unable to bear a natural child, Milt and June instead focused on their educations. Both studied, earned Master’s degrees and became professors of history and Asian studies before adopting a baby boy, Cornelius, in 1981. It would be another fifteen years before they were faced with a surprise: 50 year old June was pregnant.

Millie Bryant was born in late 1997. She quickly proved to be a prodigy, aped on by parents obsessed with providing her every educational opportunity. She skipped kindergarten and quickly rose to the top of her class at Federation’s best private academies.

As a teenager, she fought to move to public school. Though a year younger, she entered high school at the same time as Kevin Mathis, new to the city. Along with Andy Case, they formed a strange triumvirate in a sea of strange characters.

She was already an expert hacker by her senior year in high school. She used her skills to help Kevin, even as she was one of the few confidants that knew his dual identity.

The tragedies of the second half of her senior year reshaped her life in many ways. Just barely eighteen and now in college, she's dedicated her free time to continuing to keep Federation safe from criminals, albeit through watchdog groups and internet activism rather than vigilantism. She continues her hunt for Kevin Mathis at the same time, sure that her friend is not another dead loved one, but instead is out there somewhere, lost and waiting to be found by her.

Height: 5’ 4”

Weight: 116 lbs.

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Strength level: Millie possesses the normal human strength of a woman of her age, height and build that engages in regular exercise.

Known superhuman abilities: None.

Other abilities: Millie is an exceptional student with near photographic memory. Her intelligence is far beyond the normal levels of a eighteen year old.

In addition, she’s an expert with computers and wired systems. She has used this skill for amateur hacking, flirting with more free and less legal applications.

She has also trained in aikido since she was seven. Both her father and she have reached high levels in the martial art.   

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