Monday, August 3, 2015

Kickstart Lightweight 1: Beyond is here!

I was more than glad to shed some spotlight on eSpec Books’ own super powered project this morning, but it is not the only Kickstarter I have to talk about today. Because Lightweight is back and now funding on Kickstarter.

Lightweight: Beyond opens the second year of the adventures of Kevin Mathis. He finds himself on the alien world of Nill, divorced from everything he has ever known, and thrown into a cold war between dangerous forces in control of the world. Even while he must come to terms with the secrets of Nill, an even greater threat looms that could spell doom for him and the entire galaxy!

Please give Lightweight: Beyond your support. With your help we can fund not one, not two, but three more great novels that will bring the full epic story of Lightweight's second year in action!

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