Thursday, August 27, 2015

Great Art: Lazerman by OMG (Mario Gully)

Let's take some time away from the Lightweight Kickstarter, to look back at some art from a Kickstarter I backed.

I have backed a lot of Kickstarters (268 as I type this), but few were as much fun as the Hebert Brothers’ Lazerman. He is a great old school comic character played with tongue firmly in cheek. I went in high for them and got some great prints as a return. (I might feature the other one in a future installment.)

This one was easily the one most unlike anything the Hebert Brothers were doing on the project, but it also made it a bit more fun with Mario Gully's distinctive style. The version below is actually the one used as a cover for the book. The print comes without any text.

Anyone interest in reading more Lazerman can pick up the first trade at Amazon or Comixology.

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