Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Walking Shadows Book 3 is here!

It is my birthday today and I am happy to bring a present to all the readers of Super Powered Fiction.

Walking Shadows Book Three has finally launched. The new story takes the extended cast of characters in new directions as they search for a lost friend, stumble in and out of relationships and face the hardest challenge a millennial can face: finding a job.

Ian, Cyrus, Alli, Marilyn and Rosa all make their returns as we get under way, but the new book will also feature some new major players in the cast. Melinoe and Phoebe make their return and we also introduce the new character, Kaihime, a very different character that sends our other young leads in a startling new direction. Plus the return of the mysterious organization that tried to capture our heroes in Book One. And answers to the mysteries that have brewed for two books now! Plus, the first connections to the greater Quadrant Universe will be revealed!

Book Three is ready for your reading pleasure starting today and continuing every Tuesday and Thursday at Walking Shadows. Remember every ounce of the story continues to be available on the site for your reading pleasure.

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