Thursday, July 23, 2015

The American Arsenal charges into action!

The American Arsenal was an idea I first had in the early 2000s. He always was at least superficially linked in my head to the Ultimate Warrior, as I always saw the Arsenal’s speech patterns to be a bit unfocused and rambling. And when I design a character so thoroughly rooted in the 1980s, it just seemed right in the months after Warrior’s death to show off my Rambo-meets-Warrior construct in a short story.

As I worked through my 52 stories over the course of the year 2014, the American Arsenal consumed much of last April as I felt almost compelled to put the story of a United States veteran altered by his own government to carry out their wishes even though he doesn’t know it.

Using his power to morph parts of his body into weapons, Arsenal blasts through three encounters with a criminal gang he is tracking, even as his programming begins to fail. Can he hope to overcome his enemy when his own mind is rebelling?

As part of the memorial to Jim “Ultimate Warrior” Hellwig (legally Warrior in later life) that inspired the writing of the book in the first place, I have decided that I will also donate 50% of all earnings to Conner's Cure, the WWE’s cancer research for children non-profit. It is both a charity well worth anyone's support and it is a chosen charity of Dana Warrior, Jim’s widow.

The American Arsenal is now available on Amazon and Smashwords.

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