Monday, July 27, 2015

Kickstart the Week 22: Steve Rude's Nexus

Very few comics are as influential as Nexus was in the 1980s. The story of an intergalactic hitman trying to be a superhero and have a normal life was quite compelling when it first came out from Capitol and First Comics. Mike Baron wrote interesting stories with depth while Steve Rude drew and continues to draw some of the best visuals in modern comics storytelling.

And now they're back.

Through his Rude Dude comic imprint, Steve Rude is reviving both of his creator owned series, Nexus & The Moth, as weekly comic strips. The pages will be inspired by the huge design of old school comics like Prince Valiant where half or a full page would go to one strip.

Rude's plan is to run one Nexus and one Moth story every year using this format, but if he can't pay some of his costs upfront he will have to continue on his more lucrative fine arts career. And while I respect his ad work and great paintings, we all know that more Nexus is what we want, right?

This is a chance to make a known property return in a new light, so no risks of bad product as a result. So go check out the Kickstarter today.

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