Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Great Art Extra: Greg Horn's Thanos

You can check out some great art posts everyday over at the Super Powered Fiction Tumblr, but sometimes I like featuring some of the great prints and art I have picked up over my time as a fan.

I first came across Greg Horn as the artist of James Hudnall’s ESPers, an amazing comic that delved into super powered beings in a world built on conspiracy theories. (And as mentioned before, an inspiration behind my own Second Life of D.B. Cooper stories) Horn drew the last two volumes of the book at Halloween Comics and Image Comics. While sadly none of his work on them are in print, I highly recommend anyone pick them up if you find them. They feature a great combination of story and art.

I met Greg at Wizard World Des Moines earlier this year. He seems to have tons of fun at his booth, aided by a couple other folks to keep the long lines constantly moving. While some of his art gets a bit too far into cheesecake territory for me, I could not resist a couple great pieces of cosmic Marvel by Mr. Horn.

Thanos combines the great visual style of Horn with a bit of the sex appeal, albeit it with Death of all folks. For more great work by Horn, go check out his official website.

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