Thursday, June 18, 2015

Introducing Black Death

I can go on and on about the great characters that populate Lightweight: Black Death, and in the next week I will share character profiles of several of those figures. But before I get into character profiles and sharing the stars of the Quadrant Universe too directly, I wanted to introduce the villain of the series, a man we get only hints at as the novel starts, but that will grow to become an even deadlier threat to Lightweight and his family and friends.

But he will play a massive role in the novel, both as a force manipulating Lightweight and Howl, but also as a direct threat to them. His role is so strong, he even appears on the cover, though he might be easy to miss behind the heroes and the logo. Check out the unencumbered art by Brent Sprecher to get a better view of him.

You can learn more about Black Death tomorrow with the release of Lightweight: Black Death. His powers will test the limits of Lightweight like never before. And I will say that no matter the outcome, the Quadrant Universe will open up in new and major ways because of it

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