Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Writer's Update for April 7, 2015

Lightweight COLOR STUDY 2-ANot too much to report this time around as most of my writing time has actually been focused on a few overdue editing projects I have sitting on my virtual desk.

But I am always up to a little something. I have pretty much finalized my rough outline of Lightweight year two. I will be putting the full story to paper soon with a Kickstarter to follow shortly after the first couple chapters are completed.

And in case anyone out there is wondering, the new chapters of Lightweight will connect into the Times Past theme of 2015. I am not going to reveal how exactly, but fans will find out closer to publication.

Today’s image is sample art for Lightweight’s costume by Brent Sprecher.

Still to come in 2015:

  • More Walking Shadows, including that series own entry into Times Past

  • A pair of new pulp hero tales (more details soon)

  • A new chapter of Vengeance which takes the character around even more of the Quadrant Universe as he uncovers the secrets of his path.

  • Several new Metahuman Press anthologies including Modern Pulp Heroes Volume 2 and Horror Heroes 2.

  • Another later 30s era Metahuman Press anthology in collaboration with another author (yet to be announced).

  • Pulpsploitation: Airboy (alongside The Gunmaster and two other short novels.)

That's just a taste of my plans for the next year or so. We are in for an interesting ride as we barrel deeper into 2015. Here's hoping you will be along for the ride!

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