Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wrestling Wednesday: The History of Triple H

Back on the old site, I often devoted Wednesdays to wrestling matches and articles about the (pseudo-)sport of kings. I am going to return to that on occasion, starting today with a great video everyone, wrestling fans or not, should definitely check out. But before I get to that, I want to direct my readers over to The Wrestling Blog, where starting tomorrow, I will be participating in the grand list of the top 100 wrestlers of 2014. I will be contributing blurbs for some of my top picks, so keep an eye out for that as the countdown stretches over the countdown to Wrestlemania XXXI.

Back on topic though, let me direct you to a new video by Max Landis as he perfectly deconstructs the history of Triple H. In the process, he creates something I truly love to do: a full narrative of a wrestler’s entire history in a company. It is a great read and truly distills what makes Triple H compelling at his best. And yes, I highly recommend it to any fans of fiction, not just wrestling fans. Give it a look.

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