Saturday, March 7, 2015

Are you listening to CityNewsNet?

I have failed to mention it since the rebirth of, but I am happy to be a contributor to CityNewsNet, a weekly podcast featuring news articles from a super-powered universe. Conceived alongside fellow writer and regular podcaster Caine Dorr and performed by Paul Ellis, each week we look at a snippet of news from either my own Seaside City, Caine’s Pacifica or even guest contributions from other writers.

With over twenty episodes of two to five minutes already recorded, the show is still going strong. It is regularly available through an RSS feed on the site or through your regular podcast provider (like Sticher or iTunes). Our recent chapters feature the introduction of my character LaserTron or Caine’s look at the death penalty in a universe where immortality isn’t an impossibility! But all twenty plus episodes are available for your listening pleasure at any time!

Check out the complete archive of episodes here!

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