Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Green Lama gets reviewed!

I am quite proud of my work on the Airship 27 anthology Green Lama: Mystic Warrior. Ron Fortier and his team assembled a great book featuring a combination of old and new stories. Now a couple awesome folks have written some great reviews of the book over at Amazon.

Reviewer Stephen A. Bennett gave the first compliment to the book, as he praised the reprinted stories of Kevin Noel Olsen and W. Peter Miller. About Robert Craig and my own story he said we were “both continuing the excellence I’ve come to expect from Airship 27”.

His fellow reviewer Raven (not sure if this is the Teen Titan or not, but I would like to think so) went into even more detail in his praise. After a description of my tale Menace of the Black Ring, he says about it, “From old warehouses and back alleys to the den of giant Komodo Dragons, the Lama and his companions battle the evil Black Ring. The reveal here is so wonderful that I dare not even hint lest I spoil your reading. Suffice to say, Mr. Ahlhelm has created a perfect five stars out of five tale to make the pickiest Green Lama aficionado drool! Bravo!”.

Thanks Stephen and Raven! Here’s hoping you check out Lightweight: Senior Year and some of the otehr great work I have now available on Amazon.

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