Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Are you following the 'Walking Shadows'?


Just about every single day over at Metahuman Press, I bring a new page in the ongoing saga of Walking Shadows. The tale is set in my Quadrant Universe and it focuses on a group of six metahumans brought together by a mysterious organization. Unlike some other stories, they just want to live their life, not fight crime or right wrongs. But they find themselves pulled into exceptional situations by their powers whether they like it or not.

We just kicked off Book Two yesterday on the site and it will run in its new format for the next couple months before we start Book Three back up. Once Book Three kicks off, the site will return to a Tuesday-Thursday format, but until then, content will go up every single day.

Head over there to check out the ongoing adventures of Ian, Cyrus, Stomp, Alli, Marilyn and Rosa as they try to figure out where they stand in life—and perhaps in death as well.

Or if you would prefer to read them in an ebook format, you can buy Book One and Book Two complete now. But even as we introduce the ebooks, the entire series will stay online in perpetuity, as long as the series continues its serialization. Consider it my gift to those who support this site and my work.

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