Lightweight: Black Death

The adventures of Lightweight continue in this second volume! As two opposing forces align to continue their manipulation, Lightweight must still face down an assassin sent after a friend, an old enemy and the dark secrets that haunt his girlfriend Howl and the enigmatic Gray Man!

The life and times of Lightweight continue into his second book, written by Nicholas Ahlhelm with cover art by Brent Sprecher.

From the cover blurb:

In Lightweight: Senior Year, Kevin Mathis learned to use his powers to fight crime as Lightweight. Now as his powers continue to develop, he faces even greater challenges from a super-powered assassin, his oldest enemy and the two secret societies out to use him for their own whims! Trapped between these forces, Lightweight still struggles to fight the good fight. But as his high school graduation nears, he may learn that even with his great powers he cannot save everyone! The adventures of Lightweight continue in Black Death, but will our hero survive the forces lined against him?

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