American Arsenal

The American Arsenal is a superhero in the hyper-violent reality of the 1980s. Twisted and shaped by a black ops government division, he's anything but stable. He rants and raves as he takes out one threat after another. It's First Blood meets the Ultimate Warrior... on acid!

Written by Nicholas Ahlhelm with a cover by John Davies. 50% of all profits from American Arsenal will be donated to Connor's Cure, to continue the fight against pediatric cancer.

From the cover blurb:
The American Arsenal leaps into action! The hero of the 1980s is a rampaging beast, fueled by aggression and on a never-ending war against crime and terrorism. But Arsenal is more than a war machine, but as he tries to unlock the mysteries of his own mind, can he hope to survive the super-powered villains aligned against him?
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