Monday, April 8, 2019

Coming Continuing Comics 3: A crossover, rebirth and jumping on point, all in one!

One article, that is.

The April Previews does not show a lot of big debuts in the month of June. Or at least, not a lot of debuts I care a lick about anyway. Yet I still have a few picks worth taking a look at.

But first I wanted to give an honorable mention to Usagi Yojimbo. The book is coming back from IDW now with a new first issue (which makes this Usagi volume 4 I believe.) There's little to nothing super powered fiction about the character outside crossovers with the TMNT, but he's well worth a mention as the title is consistently one of the best comics on the market. Alright, on to our more superheroic fare, none of which comes from either of the big two this month!

Savage Dragon 247

It's about as far away from a number one as you can get, but Erik Larsen has consistently produced one of the most impressive superhero universes ever now for twenty-five plus years. I'm behind on the series by nearly a year right now, but this issue offers a "perfect jumping on point" for readers as Malcolm Dragon fights the Demon King as the run up to the next anniversary starts. If you're an old school comic fan and not reading Savage Dragon, I encourage you to seek out what you're missing and be surprised by one of the most impressive superhero sagas of all time.

The Crow / Hack Slash 1

Tim Seeley has come up with a winning formula for bringing back Cassie Hack and Vlad, the monster hunters of Hack Slash. He's just wrapping a crossover at Dynamite with the old Chaos Comics characters that embroils her in their entire new history at that publisher. As soon as that one wraps, it looks like she'll be right back into it, this time at IDW!

The story is a pretty basic setup. A new Crow rises, but his revenge spree is taken by Cassie and Vlad as the rise of a new slasher, the supernatural horrors they hunt! It's a superb concept to run a story about. More impressively, Seeley returns to pencils on the book for the first time in years, while he's inked by regular Crow artist Jim Terry. This one promises to bring the fun and violence!

Psi-Lords 1

Valiant has been dusting off old IPs with new versions for quite some time now, but they still haven't covered them all. The Psi-Lords are fondly remembered by anyone that read the book but this one doesn't look to have heavy ties to that concept. Still it looks like an intriguing book by artist Renato Guedes and the criminally under-rated Fred Van Lente.

The book takes four humans and drops them with amnesia into the middle of an intergalactic hotspot. And while it spins off from events in the current X-O Manowar book, it is meant to stand on its own. With a star creative team, this looks like a great new ongoing series in a universe filled with intriguing moves in 2019.

Do you have a new favorite coming soon to the comics world? Let me know in the comments below! 

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