Living Legends: Old Soldiers

Living Legends: Old Soldiers is based on a simple conceit: eighteen golden age characters are trapped in a time warp and dropped into the 21st Century! With a wide variety of characters and a plethora of secrets between them, the tale travels across the world and explores corners of the Quadrant Universe not seen anywhere else!

Visit scenic Riccapoor, one of the seediest islands in the world, where dark secrets rest in the shadows and a long-lived evil seeks to rise to destroy the Living Legends before their lives can truly begin!

From the back cover blurb:
They disappeared seventy years ago: a group of mystery men and women from the forties. They reappeared in the modern day, lost in time, cut off from the lives they knew and up against a world vastly changed from the one they knew. Black Owl: the hero out of retirement that left a wife and child behind. Ghost Woman: a young woman with secrets even she does not understand. Flag Man & Rusty: the true patriot and his young aide, split by age & fate. Doctor Frost: the mysterious hero that might hold the key to everyone’s fate. Over a dozen heroes trapped in a world they never made. Not all of them will survive the experience…

The book is available in print and ebook versions at Amazon.

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