A Dangerous Place to Live

When I set out to write my first full length novel for publication, I already had a bevy of characters developed over the years. But Freedom Patton always felt right to be the first one. He starred in the first full length story I ever completed, a once shared and now hopefully never to be seen work called Champion City. While bits and pieces of that tale play an essential role in the back story of the Quadrant Universe, they also served as the background for Freedom in this tale. After bringing down a superhero empire, Freedom is more disillusioned than anymore. For a man that's heir to the very spirit of America, that could mean dark times for an entire country.

From the back cover blurb:
He would like to think of himself as a hero, but even Freedom Patton knows that he is far from that. He is just a flawed man, yet a man always compelled to help those in need. His own past shrouded in secrecy, Freedom doesn’t know the origin of his powers and calling. Nonetheless, Freedom finds himself with a twentieth century calling in a twenty-first century world. He must act for life gives him no other choice. With the help of a former lover he goes in search of a homeless teenager. But when dark forces start moving through the small towns of Iowa, he quickly ends up stuck in the middle. He soon uncovers a massive conspiracy in the heartland of America which could lead to the complete and total destruction of the United States.
A Dangerous Place to Live is available at most major online retailers.

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