Monday, June 3, 2019

June Patreon Preview: Paradox revealed to Shockwave! Lightweight battles a group of old foes!

June on Patreon brings two new chapters of two of my ongoing serial novels! Here's the scoop on both issues!

Shockwave III: The City Above takes Noah Logan off of Earth for the first time to the strange world of Paradox and the Floating City. Tia meets a strange woman at the hospital while Sarah and Eighty-Six encounter The Hound. Answers are revealed, but they may just complicate things even more for our hero!

This story drops June 4th for all $5 and up Patrons!

Lightweight 20: Eye of the Beholder brings Kevin and Zia back to Federation, but it is anything but a homecoming for Kevin! With a sense of deja vu, he comes under attack at the airport and its battle designed with all his strengths and weaknesses in mind! Someone that knows him all too well wants him dead! Is it Ragnarok? Or is something more going on?

This story drops June 18 for all $2 and over Patrons.

Shockwave and Lightweight are two great heroes and I want to encourage everyone to go check them out. Everyone that supports on Patreon gets not only these two chapters when they launch but the entire back catalog of both series as well as Quadrant and Doctor Cosmic Presents. It's the cheapest, easiest way to support great new super powered fiction by yours truly. Check it all out at Patreon.

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