Thursday, July 5, 2018

Quadrant Handbook 5: The American Arsenal

Art by John Davies.

Real Name: Simon Carter

Occupation: Crime Destroyer

Marital Status: Unknown

Known Relatives: None

Group Affiliation: None

Base of Operations: Mobile in the continental United States

History: Simon Carter was a young American that always dreamed of being a patriot. His parents assisted he finish high school before enlisting in the United States Army. Unfortunately, just weeks before his enlistment he came down with a meningitis infection. After nearly dying from the disease, he was left with long term muscle damage in his arm. The Army refused his enlistment on medical grounds. 

He felt like his dream was dead. He worked one dead end job after another, but found some solace in body-building. By his twentieth birthday, he put over fifty pounds of muscle onto his frame. While many of his fellow body builders in the late seventies used anabolic steroids, he avoided the drugs out of fear it could do more damage to his body.

A CIA black box operation took notice of his renewed strength and his patriotic fervor. They recruited Carter out of the gym he regularly worked and offered him a chance to become the military man he always wished to be.

What followed remains cloaked in shadows. It is known Carter received intensive military training as well as an experimental medical procedure to activate his latent metagene. It also involved hundreds of hours of psychological work, as the military programmed him into a focused war machine. This included a backdoor into his mind, his handlers called a reboot, which would wipe much of his short term memory to restore him to a battle ready state.

How he became known as the American Arsenal remains unknown. He worked across much of the United States during the 1980s, frequently battling gunrunners, drug dealers and domestic terrorists. As he continued into the last few years of the decade, he faced far more superhuman threats. These threats tested his abilities to the limits. His government handlers kept close tabs on him, often using the reboot function in stressful situations.

The handlers didn't take into account the stress the reboot put on the Arsenal's brain. Over time he became more and more detached from reality, often shouting incoherent statements as he fought. During an encounter with the druglord known as The Second Coming, his mind finally fractured completely. The Second Coming had connections inside the CIA and used them to uncover the true identity of The American Arsenal. When he confronted Arsenal with his true identity, he hoped it would cripple the government agent once and for all. Instead it focused him even more on his mission to destroy the corruption inside the United States. He killed Second Coming before disappearing into the Memphis night. His mental connection with his handlers gone, he added the men that used him for their own purpose to his list and promised they would soon feel his wrath.

The whereabouts of American Arsenal post-1989 remain unknown.

Height: 6' 3"

Weight: 247 lbs.

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Blonde

Strength level: His enhanced physique allows the American Arsenal to life well above any normal man. His super-dense musculature allows him to lift (bench) up to two tons.

Known superhuman abilities: The American Arsenal possesses the ability to transform his limbs into multiple forms. While the full extent of this ability has never been revealed, he has never used this ability to form anything but offensive weapons or defensive shields.

A regular configuration is a rifle like weapon. He hurls projectiles made from his own hardened bones. While his body naturally regenerates the bullets, frequent use of the weapon can leave him feeling weakened and depleted.

His ability extends far enough to develop a working flamethrower as well, transmuting his blood into propellant for the weapon.

His entire body possesses some natural level of malleability as well. He can absorb far more damage than a baseline human. His body also rapidly heals. Major flesh wounds will seal in a matter of minutes. It is unknown whether this enhanced regeneration can restore limbs should they be destroyed.

Other abilities: The American Arsenal possesses advanced military personal combat training. He is trained to fight and kill in close combat as well as with ranged weapons.

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