Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The adventures of Epsilon... now on sale!

Epsilon is one of my oldest projects, the story of a super-team with gross deformities as they rebuild from their greatest tragedy. It was a unique tale that introduced an entire school of heroes. Its cast is one of the most diverse and entertaining I've ever created.

The regal Athena is trying to rebuild the team and the school.

The feral Bagheera seeks answers to his own past.

The ferrous Flint remains out of a sense of loyalty to a lost love as much as his own students.

Acid-skinned Beauty must deal with the return of power that she sees as a curse.

The winged Air Raid is trapped between his insecurities and desires.

Thief and Devil Boy are old friends whose relationship just became more complicated.

Rubicon wants nothing more but to overcome his long-standing rivals, but with his old foe dead and his own body restored to human form, he must face a future without the cause he raised for decades.

The complicated lives of our heroes and villains all come to an explosive head as a threat from the past rises and betrayal from inside might destroy the new school before it even has a chance to rebuild!

If you're interested in taking the plunge into the worldwide adventures of this unique super-team, it is now 25% off over at Smashwords during Read an Ebook Week!

Go grab a copy and let me know what you think! The sale ends March 10th.

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