Thursday, August 11, 2016

Melinoe fights for her life in a new chapter of Walking Shadows!

Melinoe isn't anyone's favorite person. But her list of enemies stretches back long into the history of the Quadrant Universe. In today's Walking Shadows, some of of those enemies have sent assassins after the goddess of nightmares. And while Keith's duty as a River City police officer turned him into her erstwhile defender, that doesn't mean he has a shot in hell of surviving an encounter with Pleasure and Pain.

The start of a new chapter of the ongoing online super powered serial Walking Shadows continues this month's focus on Melinoe. Tuesday also brought a new Casting Call featuring the character and a lesser known actress with a role on one of my favorite modern series.

If you know this face already, you watch
some good historical adventure.
Remember the entire Walking Shadows saga, over 150 pages of super-drama remain free at the Walking Shadows website. New readers can start from the beginning, while longtime readers are ready to learn Melinoe's future today!

Read the beginning of Walking Shadows Book 3 Chapter 26, featuring Melinoe.

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